There's a lot of information on the web about Reiki - what it is and what you can use it for. There isn't much information, though, on how to turn Reiki into a business. That's why I decided to put this site together.

It's a blog, but I've set it up more like a regular website. This was deliberate. I like blogging, because blogs are easy to set up (especially here on Blogger), easy to post to, and generally more "user-friendly" than many regular sites. But the posts - "articles" - here won't be dated, because they really don't have a chronological order. That's also why there's no "Archive" section here. As I add articles I'll put links to them in the sidebar - just as on a regular site.

So feel free to look around and leave a question or comment (I've left that feature in) if you like. I'll try to keep this as easy to read as possible - in spite of the nature of the subject!

Peggy Adamik is a former RN and massage therapist who's been practicing Reiki for nine years - the last four as a Reiki Master.